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Advice needed for a potential java convert from VB-classic

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My company is at a point where we seriously need to convert our vb6 apps & framework to a new platform. Microsoft's treatment of those who have a pile of time and money invested into vb6 has been very disheartening.

Since dotnet is so similar to java in mechanics we are seriously looking into java...and since Microsoft is not into supporting those who are loyal, there is no incentive to be loyal.

We have written our own add-ins for vb6 which generate business class logic and GUI form logic based on a given SQLServer database table. We also have a database tier which returns recordsets for business-class and UI logic processing in the form of variant arrays.

Java seems to have all of these capabilities multiplied by a thousand. I have used Netbeans and JDBC for SQLServer to recreate some of our database tier functionality, but the code generation possibilities for business-class and UI logic are confusing. There appear to be many ways to do things and no clear path to tell us what to use.

I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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Sorry for the delayed response. If you haven't already, you should look at the "free" Java Studio Creator2 tool and the accompanying tutorials.