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100% CPU usage on Dual Core PC

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Joined: 2003-10-10

We have this new problem in our application which runs perfectly in single CPU systems.
And this situation happens occassionally in the client side(Java Swing).

Application Type : Client Server using Java Swing/RMI
Problem Environment : DualCore Intel Pentium D, 2800 MHz
Actual Problem : 100% CPU usage of one Processor(resulting 50%)

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Joined: 2008-03-21

Hi Ricon!
Can you please tell me how to bind a thread to a specific core of the dual core CPU?
Thank you!

Joined: 2003-08-05

I've been running on a dual Xeon platform with no problems. This is under Windows XP with both 1.4.2 and 1.5 JRE releases.

My problem was actually the wrong use of the SwingWorker thread. That and it only showed up on dual XEON systems.

Sounds like you might have a race condition or something not being done correctly based on my past mistakes. ;-)

This isn't a Swing issue IMHO. It would be helpful if you could give more details.

I'm guessing you are running XP but which version of the JDK are you using?


Joined: 2003-10-10

dear cupofjoe,

thank you for your reply. we do have problems in dual XEON systems too. Here are some more details:

OS : Windows XP Professional – SP2
Java Version : 1.5.0_07

Can you please tell me what did you make wrong or the problems faced in SwingWorker thread. What do you think of using the option XX:+UseBiasedLocking?

Kind regards,

Joined: 2005-03-26

Does the problem also occur if you bind the java process explicitely to one CPU?

Joined: 2003-10-10

dear ricon,

Can you please tell me how can I bind the process explicitly to one CPU or the weblink to such a list of arguments. That will be very helpful.

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Sorry, but beeing honest do you think somebody could help you with the vague description you made.

I can just recommend to use a debugger together wit a profiler, these tools will most likely tell you where the problem lies.

lg Clemens