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AJAX, JavaScript Technology, and Sun's Support for Dynamic Web Experience: A Conversation With Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, Greg Murray, and Vivek Nagar

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Sun Microsystems may be most identified with the server side, but it has a long history on both sides of the client-server equation. Remember Java applets in browsers? The history of Java technology includes a number of initiatives to enrich the client with more dynamic content: Java Web Start software, Java Servlets, and JavaServer Pages and JavaServer Faces technology, among others.

Today, labels like Web 2.0 are attached to a more interactive experience on the web. But whether they represent a leap on the client side or are part of a long-established upward trend, the set of technologies that come together as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) provide developers with expanded abilities to deliver rich web experiences.

In this roundtable, we talk with three of Sun's leaders about AJAX, the JavaScript language, and Sun's initiatives to enrich the web experience.