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DLJ FAQ v1.2 now available

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Thanks to the comments here [1] (and also [2] [3] [4]) we have
worked to incorporate your feedback to further clarify
the intent of the DLJ.

We have made an updated revision to the DLJ FAQ (now version 1.2) which is publicly available at [5]. The preamble to the FAQ has been specifically re-written to clarify the relationship between the FAQ and the license itself.

For further questions regarding intent please followup here.



[1] jdk-distros Forum

[2] debian-legal

[3] jpackage-discuss

[4] The alias


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Joined: 2005-12-12

glad to see folks are working on this. Ive been monitoring debian-legal for a couple of weeks now, things have become a little vitriolic over there in the last couple of days. Hopefully this will help. :)