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Connecting to a database over the internet

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Hello ,
Ok heres an interesting question -
I would like to have an applet running on my browser which needs to connect
to a central server over the internet, which in turn will need to connect to a
database and query some results. These results will be stored as flat files within
the server.
At the moment, I have an URL that connects to the database via the
internet and that is working. However I don't think my applet on my browser
will be able to create a flat file on that server direclty.
Could some one please tell me how to go about this problem?


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Joined: 2004-01-07

This is clearly off-topic and does not belong to this forum.

You'll need a database server, or you can use hsqldb in a signed applet and copy the file to the server when you're done.

lg Clemens