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Win32 java performance enhancement, I think!?

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Joined: 2006-01-17

has anyone experienced that changing Win32PrioritySeparation To "Background Services" improves jvm performance?

for me I think it has, though I find it hard to verify.

If you have Win2000 or xp, in control panel-> System (Applet) -> Advanced tab -> performance options, you can optimize the OS for "Applications" or "Background Services".

Try it out and report back to this thread, to share your experience.

-Jer A

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Joined: 2005-02-23

Interesting but while the performance of the JVM might go up wouldnt it result in a general drop in performance of all other apps since you are optimizing for background services and not applications? I dont know how useful it would be for the average user.

Joined: 2006-01-17

true ;), but this application is a long running server application, with the jvm using the "-Server" JIT. I do not expect people to be using MSOFFICE on this box. Any other functions such as WebServer (eg.IIS) would benefit from this tweak.

Yes, you are right, this may not be applicable, if using the machine as with mixed purposes,
...but, in my first post, I did not explain that there are more switches for Win32PrioritySeparation in the registry, that you can tweak to get desired performance.

the following Info, I got from this site:

Highest Bits Interval
00 or 11 Shorter Intervals (Windows 2000/XP Professional); Longer Intervals (Windows 2000/2002 Server)
01 Longer Intervals
10 Shorter Intervals
Middle Bits Fixed or variable
00 or 11 Variable length (Pro); Fixed length (Server)
01 Variable Length
10 Fixed Length
Lowest Bits Ratio of foreground to background threads
00 Equal and fixed. This value also overrides the Fixed/Variable value to Fixed.
01 2:1. Foreground processes receive twice the processor time of background processes.
10 or 11 3:1. Foreground processes receive three times the processor time of background processes.

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I've seen the GUI interface for chaning this before, but I've never actually tried it. It certainly would be interesting to hear what peoples' experiences are. However, when you report your experience, please indicate if your application is a GUI application or a server application. If it's a GUI application, please indicate if you think it has any impact on startup performance.