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.Net Interoperability

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As a java web service developer I want to support both java and .Net clients. I deal with disconnected tabular data. Clearly, my .Net clients wish to use the ADO DataSet when building their client programs.

As it stands today I am not aware of any native interoperability with ADO's DataSet from a java standpoint. Is this correct?

The nearest equivalent I can find is WebRowSet but my undersdtanding is that this is not natively interoperable; i.e. I can't send it to a .Net client in a SOAP response and have .Net clients unmarshall it as a DataSet.

So, are there any plans to broaden the scope of org.jdesktop.dataset.DataSet (to perhaps javax.dataset.DataSet)? And have some associated JAXB implementations that can marshall and unmarshall between the java and the microsoft implementations?

All feedback appreciated.


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Today, best approach is to serialize the .NET DataTable to an array. Take a look at Juval Lowy's sample located in the following links
"While WCF lets you freely pass ADO.NET data tables to and from a service, it is a questionable practice at best if the service needs to work with non-.NET clients. It is better in such cases to rerun the items in a neutral array. The solution demonstrates the use of the IDesign helper class DataTableHelper which converts the table to an array."

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The plans are not finalized at this point but we will get back to you with an update. Thanks for the feeback.

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I believe there's no class in Java land today that lets you interoperate ADO.NET DataSet. For something like that to work, the database folks in both technologies need to come up with a common XML representation that they need to agree with.

You'd have to ask them to get the authoritative answer, but as far as I can tell, there's no such plan or effort in progress right now.

Once they do this, then JAXB can help by providing some general purpose mechanism that can be used for converting , say, WebRowSet to that XML format, and I believe all the necessary hooks are in place already in JAXB 2.0.