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[FYI] Removed Sorter property from TableColumnExt

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This is part of the the cleanup sweep to hide the Sorter as far as
possible. The tableColumn.getSorter wasn't used any longer after the
second last round (before my vacation) of sort changes - now it's
removed, along with the related sorterClass property.

With this change the Sorter class isn't used anywhere in SwingX outside
of the decorator package (and a couple of test methods which I still
have to update).

While I don't expect any reverberations by the removal - nobody cried
about problems after the last round :-) - this is a code-breaking change
(which most probably will cut deep into the markup ... didn't dare
looking into that for quite some time). So please let me know if you
experience serious incompatibilities, I'll try to do my best to help
finding a solution.


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