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1.5.0 features & bug fixes

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We have just finished reprioritizing all of the defects, enhancement requests, and feature requests for Java 3D 1.5.0 release. We plan to address all P1-P3 issues. We will also fix as many of the P4 bugs as we can without jeopardizing the release date (late this calendar year). For the record, the priorities are as follows:

P1 : extremely important, must fix in an upcoming stable build
P2 : very importable, must fix before beta
P3 : important, must fix before final release
P4 : somewhat important, fix desired for this release
P5 : not important

You can influence our planning, particularly for P3 and P4 bugs, by voting for issues that are important to you. Up until now, we have ignored any votes that have been cast, but we will now start encouraging you to vote, and we will use the number of votes as one indicator of priority. Each user has 10 votes, with up to 3 votes being allowed per issue depending on how important that issue is to you. So you can use your 10 votes on 10 separate issues, or use 3 votes each on 3 issues that are most important to you (leaving you with 1 vote for a fourth issue, if you like). So vote early and vote often! Btw, when we set the per-issue vote limit, the issue tracker automatically removed all votes for a user for any issue that had more than 3 votes from that user (as opposed to just clamping to 3). If you voted for any issues in the past, you should revote.

Here is a pointer to all P1-P4 issues that are targeted for the 1.5.0 release:
then click on the "Issues targeted for: 1.5.0" link.

Here is a pointer to the P5 issues for which we need an owner:
then click on the "owner-needed issues" link.

If any of the P5 bugs are important to you, consider volunteering to fix them.

-- Kevin

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