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EJB Local interface lookup through helper classes

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I have an EJB with two local/remote interfaces
(following Sahoo's suggestion on thread 13366)

public interface Foo {...

public interface LocalFoo extends Foo{}
public interface RemoteFoo extends Foo{}

public class FooBean implements Foo {

Through helper classes I try to do:

Context ic = new InitialContext();
LocalFoo lf = (LocalFoo) ic.lookup(LocalFoo.class.getName());

But I get a Naming exception that LocalFoo was not found,

I assume this is because Glassfish does not register the LOCAL interface automatically, by following this thread:

Following Sahoo's
response over this thread:

"I suspect it is to do with some ease of use feature in GlassFish where GlassFish is automatically defining a JNDI name and making the remote ejb available where as it is not doing the same for the local ejbs."

Yet again, I have an EJB that calls a helper class and I try from the helper class to lookup over the Local interface of another EJB,

And I must mention, injecting the local interface of the EJB with @EJB annotation by another EJB works fine, I only get the naming exception while trying to use JNDI lookup thorugh helper classes!

Thanks in advanced,

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Joined: 2005-03-30

Your assumption about GlassFish not registering localinterface of the EJB in the JNDI is correct and that's why your JNDI lookup is not working. As I suggested in
either you use ejb-ref (you actually said, you don't like XML DD) or use @EJB to annotate one of the client EJBs in the ejb-jar file.

-- Sahoo