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EJB 3 and type converters

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A crucial feature in an ORM is the possibility to define in detail the conversion/formatting of data in a DB column to/from some Java property type.

E.g. for an organization with a legacy DB where dates are stored as strings with format MMYY, there should be a way to map this to a Java Date.

Can someone explain me how this is to be done with the new super-duper EJB 3.0? At least in EJB 2.x descriptors I found the optional thingy. But I can't seem to find anything in EJB 3.0 that would serve this purpose.

On the other hand, I can not imagine that the spec would be finalized without this elementary feature being in there somewhere...

Any pointers on this are very welcome!

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One option would be to use property based persistence where getters and setters do the conversion between a String property and a Date field. The business methods can access the field as a Date. Persistence provider will use get/set methods to load the state and synchronize it with the database.