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How to empty the Cache

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Joined: 2006-04-16

I have build an program that do the share ,the unshare and it search documents with Java & JXTA (with using CMS).
But the problem is that if i search for a document and i find it, after that i unshare the same document from the appropriated peer and i search the document that doesn't exist now, it will be found.

I supose that it was the advertissement of the document that exist in the cahe.

if there are some one that know how to process please help me !

purhaps the solution is to create an object from the class "Cache" and use the "clear" methode.
But i don't know how to use the constructor and adapte the object with my program.

the Constructor is :
Cache(long maxSize, CacheEntryListener listener) .

finaly, thank's.

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Joined: 2006-05-19

try this

disco = group.getDiscoveryService();