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Any java swing components for the tablet PC?

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Hi there,

I need to develop some tablet pc applications. The customer wants me to use some .net sdk -- yuk. I dont know much about tablet pc development and cant seem to find any java stuff for it specifically.

Is there any help?

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Dear mxc4,
I don't see any specific limitation in doing Java for Tablet PC.

If you need graphics fancy things then swing will be fine.

If you need handwriting recognition on the "worst case" you can still use AWT for those zone (beeing real system widget, they will behave the same way as native Tablet PC ones). In "best case", the hanwriting can work the same way with Swing as AWT (not sure of this as not tested yet, this higly depends on the way it has been coded by MS).

Then you will need to take care to have a tablet friendly ergonomy = adapt to pen/finger interraction.

Appart from that I see no issue at this time.


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There's a handwriting recognition talk at JavaOne this year, TS-3690, that might help. Speaker is Yu-Hong Wang, from Maplesoft.