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SIP RA and JCC (SIP) RA colocation

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While the main topic of the SIP RA discussion has been how to make it most valuable and convenient to SBBs, it is probably worth giving some consideration to the issue of co-locating the SIP RA with other RAs that depend on a SIP stack.

For example, it is not unreasonable to expect a number of applications to use JCC RA Type so that development effort can be reused between different types of networks, including SIP. Additionally JCC RA Type can be simpler to code to in many use cases even when the underlying network protocol is SIP.

While the problem of SIP and JCC RAs relying on the same network resource should be mostly an implementation detail, it would be good to look at it from the application developer perspective and provide best practices guidelines how these RA Types can be used in conjunction.

There was a recent thread on this subject related to the Mobicents implementation:

Niklas already gave his feedback on it, but I am interested to read Ben's and other people's thoughts.