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Inserting data into IIOMetadata

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I am trying to modify the metadata of an image using its root node and then merge the changes back into its IIOMetadata class so that the changes can be saved to a new file. The problem I am seeing is that the changes never get merged back into the metadata. Here is my general approach:

1. get the default IIOMetadata object (I am working with tiff images).
2. Get the root node of the metadata (IIOMetadataNode) in the form of a tree structure.
3. Make changes to the root node.
4. Use 'setFromTree' to merge the root node changes back into the IIOMetadata object.

After the merge I then get the root node again and print out the data and find that none of the changes were saved. I have tried merging the data into a completely new IIOMetadata object (instead of back into itself) and it still did not work. This is a new area that I have not worked with, so any suggestions/thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Here is some example code of my problem:

public static final String NUMBER_ATTR = "number";
    public static final String VALUE_ATTR = "value";
    public static final String TIFF_FIELD_TAG = "TIFFField";
    public static final String TIFF_DOUBLES_TAG = "TIFFDoubles";
    public static final String TIFF_DOUBLE_TAG = "TIFFDouble";
    public String path = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\xxx\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\testTiff.TIF";

    public void merge() {
        // get a default tiff metadata -- for test purposes the image does
        // not matter, so use any tiff image.
        PlanarImage planarImage = JAI.create("fileload",path);
        BufferedImage bimg = planarImage.getAsBufferedImage();
        Iterator iter = ImageIO.getImageWritersByFormatName("tiff");
        ImageWriter writer = (ImageWriter);
        ImageWriteParam writeParam = writer.getDefaultWriteParam();
        // get the tiff metadata
        IIOMetadata tiffMetaData = writer.getDefaultImageMetadata(
                new ImageTypeSpecifier(bimg), writeParam);
        // get the metadata root node
        IIOMetadataNode tiffRootNode = (IIOMetadataNode) tiffMetaData

        // make changes to the node...
        double[] dValues = {0.1,0.2,0.3,44072.0,9940.2,0.0};
        // this adds in a specific tiff node.
        IIOMetadataNode tiePoint = getModelTiePointsNode(dValues);
        // insert the node in the correct order.
        // print out the changes -- ensure that everything is set as it should be...
        try {
            // merge the root node back into the metadata
        } catch (Exception ex) {ex.printStackTrace();}
        // print out the node to see if the changes got merged back into the metadata
        IIOMetadataNode node = (IIOMetadataNode) tiffMetaData.getAsTree(tiffMetaData.getNativeMetadataFormatName());
    // get a node that represents a set of tie points...
    public static IIOMetadataNode getModelTiePointsNode(double[] values) {
        IIOMetadataNode modelTiePointNode = new IIOMetadataNode(TIFF_FIELD_TAG);
        IIOMetadataNode doublesNode = new IIOMetadataNode(TIFF_DOUBLES_TAG);
        for (int i=0;i<values.length;i++) {
            IIOMetadataNode subNode = new IIOMetadataNode(TIFF_DOUBLE_TAG);
        return modelTiePointNode;
    //  insert the node (according to its tag order) into the root structure.
    public void insertNode(IIOMetadataNode root, IIOMetadataNode insertingNode) {
        boolean inserted = false;
        //IIOMetadataNode tiffDirectory = getTiffDirectory();
        Node insertNumber = insertingNode.getAttributes().getNamedItem(NUMBER_ATTR);
        int tag = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        if(insertNumber != null) {
            tag = Integer.parseInt(insertNumber.getNodeValue());
        // get the children of the node to find where this needs to
        // be inserted.
        NodeList children = root.getElementsByTagName(TIFF_FIELD_TAG);
        for(int i=0; i><children.getLength() && inserted; i++)
            // search through all the TIFF fields to find the one with the
            // given tag value
            Node child = children.item(i);
            Node number = child.getAttributes().getNamedItem(NUMBER_ATTR);
            if(number != null)
                int num = Integer.parseInt(number.getNodeValue());
                if(num > tag)
                    inserted = true;
        // if the node has not been inserted, then add it to the
        // end of the list.
        if (!inserted) {
    // prints out the tree structure...
    public void printMetaDataNode(Node node, int depth) {
        String prefix = "";
        for (int k=0;k<depth;k++) {
            prefix += "  ";
        NodeList list = node.getChildNodes();
        NamedNodeMap nnm = node.getAttributes();
        String name = node.getNodeName();
        if (nnm.getLength()>0) {
            for (int i=0;i<nnm.getLength();i++) {
                Node attNode = nnm.item(i);
                System.out.println(prefix+attNode.getNodeName() + ", " + attNode.getNodeValue());
            System.out.println(prefix+"End Attributes");
        if (list.getLength() > 0) {
            for (int j=0;j<list.getLength();j++) {
            System.out.println(prefix+"End Children");

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I Figured out my problem. I was trying to add the new nodes directly into the root. Instead it needed to be added after the TIFFIFD. Additionally, I needed to set the tagsets attribute to reflect all tagsets I was adding to the basic tiff structure.

Joined: 2010-03-20

Hi Peter:

Can you please share your updated code in which you have successfully inserted into IIOMetadata.

Joined: 2010-03-07

Hello sir/madam,

Can i add geotags to tiff image?If you have any idea on this,please guide me.It is very useful for my project.

Thanks in advance.

Stefan E. Funk

Hi there.

You could have a look into the TiffIMP here:

I wrote it some time ago, but it should not be very much out of date, I hope so...


Am 10.04.12 16:54, schrieb :
> Hello sir/madam, Can i add geotags to tiff image?If you have any idea on
> this,please guide me.It is very useful for my project. Thanks in advance.