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[ANN] XINS 1.4.0 released: Web Services development framework

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After 5 months of development, tuning and testing, XINS 1.4.0 has been released. XINS is an open-source Java-based Web Services framework. It offers a simple tool for the development of distributed applications.

One of the key features that differentiates XINS from other technologies is the definition-driven approach. Write simple XML definitions and XINS will generate lots for you:

* Documentation of the specifications and implementations
* Test forms, for testing your applications with a browser
* Client-side Java code, supporting load-balancing, fail-over and time-out handling
* Web application (WAR file), compatible with servlet containers
* WSDL, for SOAP-interoperability
* Unit test code, based on JUnit
* Stubs, typically used for testing
* etc.

Another key feature is protocol independence. XINS supports several communication protocols, including SOAP, XML-RPC and POX-RPC. For each incoming request XINS automatically determines which protocol to use. With XSLT the results can be transformed to HTML or other content types. Custom protocols can be added by added a single Java class.

XINS 1.4 offers various new features over release 1.3, as well as some bug fixes. The main new features are:

* Automatic communication protocol detection.
* Asynchronous requests (
* Generation of documentation in OpenDocument format, for use by, for example.
* Support for including files (e.g. HTML) in the WAR file
* Extensive Pet Store demo

Additionally, both the compile-time performance and the runtime performance of XINS have been tuned further.

XINS is used in production systems since the end of 2002. As a stable release, XINS 1.4.0 is backwards compatible with all previous stable releases. It has been tested extensively on various Java and OS platforms, including Solaris, Linux and Windows.

Download XINS 1.4.0, either as a Windows installer or as a platform-independent TAR GZ file:

* Windows installer:
* TAR GZ archive:

More information is available here:

* XINS website:
* XINS 1.4.0 release notes:
* User guide:
* XINS Primer: - A 15-minute introduction tutorial
* Presentation Frameworks in general and XINS in particular:
* Wikipedia page: