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Looking for some programming/career advice--Would you hire me?

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Joined: 2006-04-26

Bit of background: I have a good paying, reasonably secure job in printing right now, but I

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Joined: 2006-05-15

If you are still interested in some advise...

1)Start seeking out the companies where you want to work. Small companies may be better than larger ones.
2)Think in terms of the technical interview and what type of questions may be asked.
3)Try and setup informational interviews with companies that use or work with Java programmers.
4)You mentioned working with GUIs. Do you have examples of projects that you have completed? How well can you explain Swing to a perspective employer, etc.?
5)How well can you take someone elses code and read it/make sense of it?
6)Find a mentor. Either through a users group, school, friend.
These are questions that I am currently asking myself so I hope this helps you as well.
Bill St. Louis MO USA