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Using JXTreeTable to display a grid

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Joined: 2005-07-29

There's some code I have written that uses a JXTreeTable (JTreeTable actually) to display hierarchical information just Like the personnel demo available in swinglabs-demos. Only this component displays the hierarchical information in a column of its own instead of they all being in the first column. This gives a nice grid like appearance where nodes can be expanded and collapsed as needed. The downside is as the depth of the hierarchy increases, the amount of information that user can view without scrolling becomes less. But I guess there might be some applications that may have a need for this sort of grid control in swing. I would be glad to make this code available to swinglabs project in return for a mention of my name in the swinglabs contributors list. For a screenshot that shows how the grid looks like, look here.

Many thanks to Richard, jeannette and others for their excellent work on swingx. Iam eagerly awaiting the databinding release.