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Swing in financial applications

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Joined: 2006-04-24

Am interested in knowing how swing is used in financial applications and if financial companies invest in swing or in c# thanks.

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Joined: 2003-08-05

I find NYC and Chicago to be two places where very good Swing developers with financial knowledge can do very well.

The only problem I see with C# and I might have to use it in my next project. :-(
C# can't do anything without talking to .Net and in my honest opinion .Net was designed for political reasons only. So for example if you remember OS/2 and micro channel PC bus it has the same feel. Built to lock everyone else out and keep software developers from leaving the Island.

The father of C# is the guy who did Turbo Pascal in Assembler. Guy is brilliant. The weakness from a GUI standpoint with C# is WinForms pull the widget set from the GDI.DLL and you can't get to all of the Win32 messages behind the curtain.

MS is ditching WinForms with XForms. XForms allows you in C# to build the widget, custom paint it and talk directly to DirectX and use the 3D video card.

So basically XForms is 'working' on doing what Swing has been doing since about 98. :-)

My wife likes to cook and I've explained it to hear like this. A micro-wave is great for popcorn. This is C#.

If you need to bake a cake, bread, or make a gourmet meal. Your going to have to know a lot more. Emeril on the Food channel would make a great Swing developer. :-)