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How can I create a Web Service with multiple ports?

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How can I create a Web Service with multilple ports?
I'm creating Java-wsdl Web Services and I want that my generated wsdl looks like the following:

<br />

I know it's a lot of things missing in wsdl above, but just consider all the remaining parts was well generated...

I tried to create two classes and annotate both of them with @WebService( serviceName = "TestWS" ) but it doesn't work. The application is deployed, but the I believe wsgen[i] generated a [i]"TestWS.wsdl" file for each class and the second overrided the first... so the application couldn't be loaded. The following error is shown at server log: UnExpected error occured while creating ejb container - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: no protocol:

Can anyone help me?

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As of now there is no way to do this for the java-wsdl case :( We use the wsgen tool to generate WSDLs for a given endpoint and that tool just creates one service (and hence one WSDL) per endpoint.

Joined: 2006-03-12

Thanks, vijaysr.

Samuel Flores