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Re: JavaOne

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Maybe you should show this: (this code base was pre-Dick ice-age, when I decided to base on JDNC; who knew Amy would not fix her mistake) and compare it to: (it means winfx (aka win32api) client will run on mac ) So there are many cross platform clients, including C# UI for Mac from MS (simiarl to above JDNC codebase) Or maybe list funny Dick stories, that would be entertaining. (remeber the time Dick talked about a DAO layer INSIDE of JDNC? rememver the time.... etc.) I suspect you will show instead smoke in mirrors, since the "open source" code base here in cvs can't do much. .V ps: to be fair, I see some seniors finaly helping out, but in wrong area. Binding is not key, declerative (XML) programing is.

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