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Joined: 2003-06-09

We've run into some issues with Betwixt and Axis behaving nicely with Axis-generated client-side classes. So much so that I've had to look for another solution. I came across XStream and have been pretty impressed with it's functionality. I whipped up a prototype that maps various objects into XML and back into objects again. It has passed everything I've thrown at it. The one thing I need it to do that it apparently doesn't do right out of the box is have "nice" functionality when an XML element isn't found as an attribute in the associated Java object. The JavaBeanConverter has the right checks involved, but it throws an ObjectAccessException. In my world, I just want it to be ignored. So, I wrote my own converter called NiceJavaBeanConverter that does this. The code for it is below, but I'd sure like to see it come straight out of the box, as I consider my quick implementation a hack since I just did a straight copy of the JavaBeanConverter code and threw in a try-catch block