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Firefox and Webstart

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Joined: 2004-06-05

I'd like to try out the better WebStart support and Firefox integration I keep hearing is available in 1.6. However, as the documentation has not yet been updated:

How do I automatically launch the application from a browser in Firefox and Mozilla-family browsers as well as Internet Explorer?

I really look forward to finally not having to tell people to download and open JNLP files; this has caused so much unnecessary confusion.

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Joined: 2005-04-15

Just a thought, are you not adding the jnlp mime type on the webserver? I have never had a problem with webstart not working in firefox...

Joined: 2005-04-17

If you install browser (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, or most others) after you have installed you may need to manually configure firefox to launch javaws for jnlp extension and mime type content. (This should not be necessary if Firefox was already installed when Java was installed.)
To configure Firefox:
Go to Tools/Options...
Then to Downloads/View & Edit Actions
Then, if JNLP extension exists in table, select it, hit "change action", select "open it with this application", and then browse.
then select the file: (this is wor windows XP)
If the action does not exist you should be ok. The first time you click on a jnlp file, it should show the dialog titled "Opening XXX.jnlp".
In this dialog select to open with the same above file (assuming windows XP) and click the "do this automatically for files like this for now on" checkbox. (or wait till you confirm it works and do that next time)

Hope this helps


Joined: 2005-04-15

We've been using firefox and webstart for almost 2 years.

Have you read the guide?

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I can launch Web Start apps fine in Firefox. I have (on Windows XP Home) and it works fine there. Are your users having trouble launching Web Start links?

I think I remember a problem a while ago -- more than a year -- but I haven't heard any problems since. The browser wouldn't trigger the plugin. But it's been a long time and it has seemed fixed.

What's the exact problem?