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Web Service with external jar problem

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Joined: 2006-03-12

I tried to deploy a Web Service that returns a complex type defined into a jar file located in the lib directory of an ear application. (that sounds weird to you too?)

After some tests (and some help from Sahoo:)) I reported a bug in Glassfish issue tracker (see it here: vijaysr replied me and said it's a known bug and solution is coming soon.

But looking at Sahoo's comment: "It appears to me that during wsgen, we are not adding lib/entities.jar in CLASSPATH"... I thought: should I try?? YES!

So I tried to do the wsgen job by myself (with ant assistance, of course), put the refered jar in classpath, and all the Web Service related stuff was generated (the artifacts, .wsdl, .xsd). Also I wrote some config files (*web.xml).

Everything compiled and generated, it's time to pack it all!! I created a war file following the JAX-WS sample of Java EE 5 tutorial, put it inside the ear file and deplo... oops! I couldn't deploy it again :( The error message I got is: "Deploying application in domain failed; Fatal Error from EJB Compiler -- null Fatal Error from EJB Compiler -- null".

I'm wating for b42... :(

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Joined: 2003-06-11

A fix will be checked in today (March, 24) and will be available as part of glassfish nightly builds dated March 25 or later.

I have also added test cases for this @


I am not sure if this other deployment problem you are facing is connected to this or not.

Please try your test with Glassfish nightly dated March 25 or later - if the deployment fails again, let us know - we will look at it ASAP