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wscompile: -security is an invalid option or argument

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i'm getting this error when compiling:

[wscompile] error: -security is an invalid option or argument
[wscompile] Usage: wscompile [options] configuration_file

i checked the version of the tool with wscompile -version and i get:

JAX-RPC Standard Implementation (1.1.3, build R1)

i'm getting this error when compiling the jaas_sample in jwsdp-2.0; would like to get past that error...thoughts anybody?

-- poc

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I had the same problem, and fixed it by adding the ws-security plugin jar file to the classpath used when running wscompile. Once this is done wscompile recognises the -security option.

In my case (the xws-security examples from the jwsdp2.0, and using the sun application server) I edited jwsdp2.0/xws-security/samples/buildconfig/sjsas-config.xml
and added the following 3 lines to the definition of the path "app.classpath":

See also this thread:

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