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Joined: 2003-07-08

As part of the website rework and to make our lives a bit easier, Romain and I converted the website over from Tomcat to Glassfish this afternoon. All of our old links *should* still work (we tested a few out, as well as cruisecontrol etc and everything so far is ok, except the SwingX.jnlp and demos, of course, but we're working on that). If any of them appear broken, yell at me (but please use nice words :-D).

The impetus for the move was manifold:
* Easier admin
* More familar with it
* Available EE features (great for demos and such where we'll want some EJB3 stuff running, or other EE features to show how they integrate with Swing rich clients)
* co-bundled database (Derby)
* the old Tomcat server was 1.4, needed 1.5 for the store