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NB5.5 Q1 and Enterprise application project

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I have a problem with netbeans 5.5 q-build 1. I cannot seem to get Java
EE 5 applications to work properly... Maybe I am doing something wrong,
maybe it is a bug ?

What I am doing:

1. Create a new project "Enterprise --> Enterprise application"
2. Complete the wizard:
- Name: Test
- Server: local Glassfish (b40)
- J2EE Version: Java EE 5
- Create EJB module: yes using default name
- Create Web Application module: yes, using deafult name
- Set as main project

3. Cerate a new Stateless Session bean in the EJB module using "File ->
new -> Session Bean". I call this test.Facade

4. Create a plain java class in the web module.

5. In this new class I place an instance variable trying to reference
the Facade bean.

Here the problem ariess. The web module cannot see the EJB classes
infact it cannot even see the package. I have tried with both FacadeBean
and FacadeLocal.

I have also tried using Remote beans, but with no luck

It is as if the modules don't know about each other..Why is that, what
have I missed ?

One ugly workaround is to add mnually add //dist/ejbmodule.jar to the classpath of the web project, but that
is hopefully not the right solution...

Best regards

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Joined: 2003-06-14

yep :-\