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Vendor-specific strings changed in Java Persistence implementation

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If you use any vendor-specific properties from Java Persistence implementation (either for DDL generation,
or Java SE environment, or any other reason), make sure
you update them according to the following changes:

referenceClass -> toplink.reference-class
cacheUsage -> toplink.cache-usage
refresh -> toplink.refresh
lockMode -> toplink.pessimistic-lock
expression -> toplink.expression
call ->
cascadeLevel -> toplink.cascade

jdbc.driver -> toplink.jdbc.driver
jdbc.connection.string -> toplink.jdbc.url
jdbc.user -> toplink.jdbc.user
jdbc.password -> toplink.jdbc.password

no.weaving -> toplink.weaving***

*** Note - this involves changing the functionality of this tag. the weaving
tag must be set to false to turn off weaving and defaults to true.

DDL generation strings are changed as follows:

For names:
ddl-generation -> toplink.ddl-generation
application-location -> toplink.application-location
create-ddl-jdbc-file-name -> toplink.create-ddl-jdbc-file-name
drop-ddl-jdbc-file-name -> toplink.drop-ddl-jdbc-file-name

For values:
createtables -> create-tables
dropandcreate -> drop-and-create-tables


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Joined: 2005-12-17

To what version does this apply?

Joined: 2005-04-04

b41 or any nightly build after the posting date.