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Trouble compiling source

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Joined: 2004-03-31

I'd like to try fixing one of the bugs on the JDK bug list, and so a trying to figure out how to build my own version of the JDK so that I can hack its source. Unfortunately, things aren't going smoothly.

I'm using Cygwin on WindowsXP Pro, with VC++ 6.0 as a compiler and DirectX 9. This morning I installed all the latest service packs for these technologies, so they're up to date. I set the following environment variables:


From a Cygwin shell, I enter the following line from the control/make directory. Unfortunately, my make terminates with an error:

$ make scsl
../../j2se/make/common/shared/Defs-windows.gmk:388: "WARNING: Value of MSVCR71_D
LL_PATH cannot be empty, check or set ALT_MSVCR71_DLL_PATH"
Makefile:15: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Mark McKay

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Joined: 2004-09-03

The Mustang sources are not really setup to be built with VC6 compilers anymore. When we switched to VC7 (Visual Studio .NET 2003), many changes were made to adopt to the new compiler and the newer files provided with the VC7 product.

The MSVCR71 is the VC7 runtime library and VC6 won't have it. Also, VC7 came with a Platform SDK, with VC6 I think you needed to download it separately, and finding one that works with VC6 might be an issue. Also, mixing DLL's where some are built with VC6 and others with VC7 is problematic, for example a JVM.DLL built with VC7 will NOT work with a JAVA.EXE built with VC6.

Besides the build issues with VC6 you will have, I have no idea how well a Mustang JDK built with VC6 will work. With each C/C++ compiler change comes many risks in terms of overall quality of the product.

A better effort might be to try and get Mustang to build with the free "Toolkit" compiler at or one of the free compilers listed at

I know that we have some dependencies on files that only come with a full C++ Visual Studio product, but much of the JDK won't have this dependency, and it would be nice to see how much of the JDK could be built with a free compiler on Windows.


Joined: 2004-03-31

I did not set ALT_MSVCR71_DLL_PATH beacuse no such DLL exists in MS VC++ 6.0. I believe this is a .net library.