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Performance Testing Problems

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I am trying to get some performance testing setup using sipp. I used the uac and uas standard szenario with mobicents running the proxy. Both uac and uas running on the same PC as mobicents. With -rsa I redirect the sending of the client and server to the proxy port.

It is working in so far, that all messages arrive at the proxy, but when I want to do some performance measurement I find that the last BYE some how gets lost some where. The uas tries to retransmit but the uac never receives the BYE. Is there any open issue with the SIP stack the RA or the proxy?

I tried to change the SIP RA to TCP and configured the client and server also to TCP. In this case no message arrives at the proxy and the client and server seem to talk directly to each other. Can any one help me with this?

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Joined: 2004-11-02

>The uas tries to retransmit but the
> uac never receives the BYE. Is there any open issue
> with the SIP stack the RA or the proxy?

In the sipp original scripts it is the UAC that sends the BYE (looking at the 1.1. docs). Did you mean that the UAC should receive a BYE?

I have used sipp successfully but only tested it seriously in server mode. (See the 3pcc example app for scripts)

I have had one problem with Mobicents which may be remotely related to your problem. When I have run sipp on and Mobicents on the "public" ipaddress if the computer I have got an exception saying the ACK could not be sent. This exception is not thrown when sipp instances and Mobicents listen on (or the public ipaddress for that part).

(You could just check that the ACK for the INVITE transaction is processed correctly to falsify that this has anything to do with your problem)

Joined: 2006-01-13

Sorry I meant the 200 OK which is missing. This occurs with my notebook only when I run it without power supply. When I run it with power supply it does not occur. Strange.

What I found is that the performance of Mobicents decreases from around 18.5 to 8 cps over 5000 calls. Is there something known about this? Could it be some hashmap that grows and slows down the system after a while because some stuff is not deleted?

In OptimizeIt unfortunately I cannot run the same load test. So I just run a with 2 cps and found that the sip message .TO and .FROM objects are growing. Is there a leak in the nist stack?

By the way what is the License for the nist sip stack? I could not figure it out?

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There might be a leak in the SIP RA code that deals with SIP transaction state tracking. There were several discussions on this topic in the past with proposed solutions.

The nist sip code is in the public domain.