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How to get into a Java developer role

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I wonder if you could give me a bit of advice. I am experienced developer (over 8 years of experience) but I have mainly used systems/languages internal to the companies I have worked for. I have done some programming in Visual BAsic, Visual C++ and Java (including Servletes and JDBC). I have extensive knowledge and experience in RDBMS (mainly in Oracle DB - SQL and PL/SQL; Access; Interbase).
When I apply for any role as a developer the agencies immediately ask me how many years of experience have I got in the language and I say "about half a year in Java development" I can't progress any further and my CV never seems to get sent to companies.
There is a lot I need to learn in Java, but I have enough base knowledge to start a career in Java and I have the experience in other systems which enables me to very quickly get to learn new systems.

The big question is if I want to get a Java job in the UK, what is the best way to do it. My current job doesn't give me very much opportunities to use JAVA so I can't pretend when talking to agencies that I have more years of Java experience than I do.

Any bits of wisdom is more than welcome.


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Hi there,

I would suggest to contribute to an open source project that is serious and backed by a corporation or institution that will give you a recommendation letter or similar experience acknowledgment.

One of them, currently looking for contributors, is jbilling. Check it out at .



Joined: 2006-03-10

Thanks for the useful advice. I did consider joining an Open source project, but there are so many. It is useful to have someone recommending me one.
Would the people that run the project "interview" me before letting me fiddle with their code.

Are newcomers allowed at all to code when they first join or would I be first asked to do some testing / documentation tasks?