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RE: [JAVAHELP] Java 5.0, Sun Java Help, and WebWorks

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Subject: Re: [JAVAHELP] Java 5.0, Sun Java Help, and WebWorks

javahelp@JAVADESKTOP.ORG wrote:
> my doc team creates Sun Java Help for our Java application using WebWorks.
> our Java product used to be based on Java 1 or 2 (i think).
> So far it appears that what is happening for me is that my Sun Java Help on a Java 5.0 generated using WebWorks looks, um, not as good as it should.
> Is anyone else running into this issue? Does anyone know of anybody or any list that might better address my question?

This is the right place for issue. Generally speaking 5.0 should display
much better than 1.0 or 2.0 did. Probably some others with Webworks
experience can provide some insight as to the problem. What exactly
seems to the be the problem?



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that list looks like it is specifically talking about WebWorks Help...which is a dynamic HTML help type project.

Sun Java Help, though created using the WebWorks conversion tool is totally different.

Problem I'm running into is that the generated help .jar files seem to only display the text in a 9 point font. The text also seems to have a mind of its own for how far to indent a given paragraph type.

Even though I have defined font size as 12 point and indents specifically.

i suspect a minor falling out between Sun and the makers of WebWorks. But i also suspect my own user error, though i can't figure out where i could be blowing it.