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Any chance of JDIC FileAssociations in Mustang or Dolphin..?

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The integration of various JDIC features (Desktop & SystemTray APIs) is welcome, but it's a real shame that the FileAssociations API was omitted (or did I miss it?), as that's an important feature of desktop integration.

Any chance of this? I certainly hope so, even at this "late stage", as the code's already there in JDIC...


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I totally argee with you.

JDIC has some good subprojekts, i tested the FileAssociations API, but if you talk to someone in JDIC forum or Mustang they are prod of that small piece of code added to Mustang. Its really a shame.
SUN talks about JDIC since two years, and whats the result...a small Desktop Class and TrayIcon :/

Time to wakeup,

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Joined: 2004-09-14

I've just spotted this over on the main Sun Java site:

No mention of integration into the core, despite the "desktop focus" of mustang. There's a mention of platform-specific behaviour regarding actions, but hey, that never stopped inclusion of JNI or Runtime.exec() :-)

- Chris