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Question about JAXB, XJC, and the self-generated Impl files

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When running the examples in the JAVA WEB Services Tutorial, in page 19 it says the JAXB binding compiler generates a Java package named primer.po with eleven classes. I don't see the classes when I run the build.xml file. I don't have 11 classes, but 5 of them. Why?

When I run xjc for another *xsd file I have in my applications, the 'Impl' and 'Impl/runtime' files are not generated anymore. Also I don't see any *.ser files which were used for validation.
Can anyone help explain whether this is part of the new features of JAXB 2.0 or whether I need an extra switch.
Thanks in advance.

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This is the wrong forum for this question.

Please try asking on the following forum instead: