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Java 6 on KDE using gtk-qt engine

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I have Suse 10 and use KDE and my GTK applications look very good due to the gtk-qt-engine. But please test Java 6 Swing applications on this configuration. Look strange. But better than the old GTK look and feel.


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+1 for this

I am also using KDE and my java applications look ugly. They do not use aa font rendering. I think this is because I do not use gnome as my display manager.
KDE is the most popular DM on linux so please take some time to improve java application look on kde box


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I don't know if the first poster was solely discussing "aa fonts" but currently AWT doesn't pick up desktop
properties from KDE. There is a workaround for KDE (and other desktops) which is documented at


would give you greyscale AA

would give you LCD subpixel text.

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unfortunatelly, when using b75, and any of b63 build and under, those hints don't work. I still get non AA text on KDE.