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Accessing Peers across the Subnets

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Hi All,
I am new to JXTA and as per the document(d/l from, it seems if i need to access or communicate with another peer across the subnet then i need to have another JXTA peer ( rendezvous) running on the relay/router/defuault gateway.

Is there any other way to make two peers on different subnets talk to each other w/o any peer running on the router/relay ...?


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Joined: 2005-10-25

If the peers both have public IP addresses, you need a a JXTA "rendezvous". A rendezvous is a peer that routes the various "advertisements" that comprise a JXTA content network. One of those peers can serve as that rendezvous, and the second peer must know this in advance. Or, a third peer can serve as a rendezvous, and the first two must know about it in advance.

If one peer has a public address, but the other doesn't, you need a JXTA "relay", too, which serves to help traverse NAT.

In short, peers have to have some apriori knowledge of how to bootstrap to find other peers. Rendezvous play this part.