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about USB support

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Joined: 2004-09-16

I think, we need in java SE 6 support for USB, Firewire and bluetooth, many device used especially USB to make comunication like card reader, storage device, etc. (Now I am trying to comunicate to a usb device, but I have many problem and especially for Windows Xp)

I saw jrs-80 and jusb, and both work with linux, there is one jusb for windows but is very unestable and beta api.

I think we need urgent a api for usb, bluetooth and firewire, because more a more device come with this technology (mobile device especially) and if java want would be still with the new innovation.

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Joined: 2006-04-25

If you need a USB API for Windows see


Joined: 2006-01-07

Is it really appropriate for an API to focus on the connection technology, rather than the target device? I would say that the connection technology should be transparent to the programmer. USB is big today but in 10 years, who knows?

Bluetooth defines a number of protols for push and pull, and those are at the appropriate level of abstraction.

But rather than having a USB API, USB support should be part of the support for devices, for example as a part of voice phone support, just as when you plug in a memory stick it become accesible through normal file handling.

Why would an application want a list of available USB devices, for example? It just wants to know if there's a device of the sort it wants to use, regardless of how connected.