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Request for new Project "Java Application Developement Library"

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Hi folks,

this is my first post on these forums. I am a (still learning) java developer, and I'm here to share some of my thoughts about a new may-be java project: an "application developement library" (a generic name for a generic concept).

As I recently developed a medium-scale application for one of our customers I accidently found some of my older projects, and I suddenly recognized "man, you are doing the same work over and over!". In this recent project I had "customers" logging in to the system, using some type of "authentication control" etc etc... I think you can get the concept: when one develops large applications one re-uses the same core concepts over and over again, often only slightly modified. Personally, I often need "persons", "customers", "companies", "sales", "accounts" ... you name it.

This was the point were I started thinking for myself "isn't there some type of application developement library" for java developers, well-tested, rock-solid, extensible and easy to use? A library which contains interfaces and various alternative implementations of some well-known, often-needed "business logic" concepts an application developer needs for his/her daily work life? The short answer is: "yes", some libs exist, but I rather found them to specific for my needs, or simply over-aged (I don't know of a library that actually uses the java 5.0 enhancements like templates). So please, all you application developers out there who could get the point of this post (despite my horrible english ;-) ), is there any need for such a library? Would you participate in such a project? Please just share your thoughts, give suggestions, as the developement of such a library clearly would need the input of many talented minds.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there,

Is OFBiz what you are looking for?


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Java EE and Java BluePrints Solution Catalogue.

You can access the latter easily within NetBeans: