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How do I start an J2EE AppServer API project, and is it needed ?

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I am real fan of the 8.1 AppServer, and I was on the JSC 2.0 early access team for 10 months. I am ready to turn my attention to one key thing that is missing from the current AppServer, and may also not be present in Glass Fish.

Hopefully someone can tell me if this is so, and how I should go about creating a project to make this happen myself if need be.

The plan is simple, I just want the same control that is delivered to a user, either through the command line interface, or GUI, in the form of a Java API. I want to write code that queries deployed apps, deploys new apps, sets up JDBC resources, etc.

I have studied the command pattern used for CLIMain, which I consider my entry point for this API. The problem is that I see a bunch of files: .deploy, or .create-jdbc-resources, and these are not Class files.

My first question is, is anyone doing this already ? And if not, how do I get a little help getting started on it. I am certain that such an API would be very well recieved, and only become more usefull as more companies start switching to Glass Fish. Such an API would differentiate Glass Fish from all the other containers, none of which support what I want to do with this API.

Basically, I plan to build a very easy interface with Creator that will allow a non programmer to create database tables, and render then to the web, all automatically. So, when I generate JSPs and Java Code to support the deployment I want to call make calls through a Server API to automatically redeploy the users domain with the proper resources.

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You may want to look at NetBeans 5.0 and 5.5.

Most of the server oriented stuff that you talk about in this proposal is "done" in the App Server plugin for those projects...

For example:

If you use the 'Enterprise Resources->Use Database' item in a servlet's right click menu... and then deploy the servlet the resource registration is automagically done for you.


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Hi Joe

Is this what you are looking for ?