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JSR 197

Posted by shirsenduj on February 20, 2006 at 5:52 AM PST

I want to Use J2ME features in my J2SE application. As I can see JSR 197 address that issue.
But from JCP I can download only the JSR 197 Spec. Is there any jar file for JSR 197? If so, where from I can download that?


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Re: JSR 197

By the way...

I did finally figure out that symptom. The fix for that is that, on Linux only,
an extra '-gpl' JAR needs to be put onto one's CLASSPATH, as mentioned here:

However, that only gets one, at least, the app-code can start to

But, another showstopper: device-discovery doesn't work. It just 'no-ops' and
won't recognise/show the paired-devices when asked for by Java-based code.
[The stack works fine for non-java apps, as I may have mentioned earlier.]

Sigh...meanwhile, I'm just doing all my Java-based bluetooth coding/testing
over on Win-XP and Win-Vista, since BlueCove works just fine using M$
default native bluetooth stack.

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Re: JSR 197

Hi, I'm searching for JSR 197 api too. Did you find it now?

Re: JSR 197

Ok, it's now 3 YEARS later.

Anyone found an actual WORKING IMPLEMENTATION of
JSR197 yet?

Re: JSR 197

Well there is no actual working implementation of JSR 197 yet, but part of it is implemented in BlueCove from google. I wanted to port bluetooth application on J2se, from J2me which required JSR 197 optional implementation but after lot of googling could lay my hands on bluecove hope this helps.

Re: JSR 197

Thanks, I'll go check that Bluecove thing out.

Re: JSR 197

Hmm...getting somewhat closer, but not QUITE there yet.

So, I downloaded 'BlueCove', from SourceForge, in the form of:
and put that on my classpath. So, now a simple JavaSE program compiles.

But, when I run it, I get: an error:
BlueCove not available

EDIT: This is happening under Linux, using the default
'BlueZ' stack (which seems to work fine with
other software [which is no doubt C/C++ based], it's
just this jar which is giving the problem).

So, is something missing? (Or, is something else going on?!?)

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Re: JSR 197

Actually I had used it on windows and not on linux so I did not have to deal with BlueZ.

But I will still try to look into it and respond to you.

Re: JSR 197

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Re: JSR 197

Thanks you for the post.


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