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BEA to Open Source its Kodo Java Persistence APIs

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BEA Systems has announced that it will open source a significant portion of BEA Kodo, its persistence engine, under the name Open JPA. BEA acquired Kodo as part of its purchase of SolarMetric, Inc. in November 2005. Open JPA will implement the persistence architecture described in the EJB 3.0 specification (and implements the early draft specification today.) Open JPA is expected to be available in the first half of 2006. BEA Kodo - the source for Open JPA - is available today for free evaluation and purchase.

BEA will offer a commercial implementation and tooling as well as mission critical support for those who require it.

The announcement is another aspect of BEA's commitment to enabling developers to utilize both commercial software and open source projects. This "blended" approach allows developers to mix and match the best features from each solution while maintaining a seamless platform for teams to develop, deploy and administer their applications and services. This is becoming increasingly important for those creating next-generation service oriented architectures (SOA), and is reflected by BEA's validation of frameworks such as Spring.