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Connection Poolin

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Joined: 2005-11-24

I heard, when Only session bean is used in J2EE , connection pooling is not necessary to be handled. i.e Session bean running in OAS does not not require connection from the container. Could any one tell me is it true. also suggest me a web site to refer about Connection pooling issues and connection pooling selection.

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Joined: 2005-04-13

I am not sure of OAS (Oracle Application Server ??).
In Sun Java System Application Server,
Conn. Pool can be used by any component.
*In Session bean, persistence will be handled by the user and user can use connection pooling to get connections.
*Entity bean, container takes care of persistence (it used conn. pooling)

To know more about connection pooling, refer to Developer guide and Admin guide of Sun Java System Application Server.