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Strange Glassfish behaviour

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Joined: 2005-08-26

I'am a witness of a strange behaviour from the part of the Glassfish app. server. Each time I run it the server log contains no errors or warnings. Still I can't see the default site nor the admin console - as if the server was hanged or waiting for something. When I start the browser I can't even get to any web page. The server doesn't seem to be willing to display a "stopping dommain" message on the console. I must kill the app. server to get things right. I changed ports and created different domains and I also played around with restricting or even stopping the firewall but it was of no help. Netstat shows that the server is listening on the due ports. Could you please share your experience with such a strange behaviour and how to solve the problem?

I attach my configuration: OS WinXP, SP2; 2GB RAM; Glassfish installer b35; jdk1.5.0_05.

Thanx a lot for any hints.

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Joined: 2005-11-08

I've had a similar experience with the same configurations.
The admin page showed a blank page. After a while I've found out I forgot to click on the logout button in the browser.

To be able to reproduce this behavior follow my instructions:
open your MS-DOS Prompt window
start the domain with [i]asadmin start-domain[/i]
open the admin page and log in
enter [i]asadmin stop-domain[/i] in your MS-DOS Prompt window

And now Firefox, opera, ie and all the other browser show a blank page.
A small workaround:
stop the domain
close the browser
start the server
open the browser

or use the build 32f. This build has been fixed.

Joined: 2005-08-26

thank you very much for your help. Nevertheless I discovered that the problem I had running Glassfish was due to nasty spyware in my PC that I discovered after running several antispyware applications. After removing the spyware everything went ok...

Thanx again for your help