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JNDI LDAP External Resource

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Joined: 2005-08-12

Hi everyone

Tryint to set up an external resource on Sun Java System Application Server 8u1 , which is an Access Directory (or an LDAP of any kind if you would like) .

Been having quite a few problems trying to figure out what to put on the request fields of the Web admin interface. Example :

"Resource Type" - What should be placed here ? In an example on the Sun documentation we got "my.test" or "test.mybean" or whatever it is .... but no explanation what so ever what what the hell it is suposed to be. Any ideas ?

Another one which got me lost there was "JNDI Lookup:" . What is that supposed to be? explanation is on the web interface: "name that the application uses to look up the resource." .... in the example of the Sun Docs they give "cn=myBean" as the argument for this . Is this supposed to be the Base search DN ? Any ideas ?

Havent seen any questions regarding this subject on the forum , so I dont really know if I'm asking in the right place.

Anyone has any ideas ?
Thanks for your help

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Joined: 2003-09-03

This forum is "close" to the right place. Folk who know the answer do "hang out" here....

But, you may want to ask this question on a slightly different forum:

That forum has more traffic, and is more directly related to SJSAS 8.x....