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2 1/2D vs. 3D

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Joined: 2003-12-31

Hi some times ago i read a disscussion about 2 1/2D vs. 3D of LG.
I do some work in Logistics and visualisation of high and complex data structures and i have thought/discussed this point a hole lot of times.
Real and full 3D isnt the best Coice ever but in some cases its a big advantege.
Maybe in some cases an LG Application should not suffer from limitations that are applaied to make the Desktop usefull.
So maybe some kinde of FullScreen mode could be implemented, giving the Application the control how Navigation is implemented and a definde way of switching back to LG...



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Joined: 2006-02-17

I think that the lg3d api has been thinked to do this ...
Because they have tought it to be able to run a 2.5D and a full 3D environnement ..

the only work to be done for it would be to implement a new SceneManager ...

Well maybe the core developpers would give their toughts about this ??

Joined: 2003-06-13

SceneManagers allow you to change the Look and Feel for the entire desktop. The goal should be to allow 3D apps with the normal SceneManager. If you want to write an app that is full 3D then we certainly don't want to stop you. This should be possible today but is probably not as elegant as it could be.

For example you will need to create a Frame3D that is full screen so you will have to calculate the screen borders. A better approach might be to have API to actually hide the desktop when a full screen 3D app starts this would give the app complete freedom.

The other approach would be to have 3D apps actually live in the current desktop scene which could lead to some very interesting UI.

Which choice (and there may be others) will depend on the app.

Please keep thinking about this stuff and we can ensure the API supports all the things developers want to do.