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'can't create sceneManager' exception

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oops. found the problem, finally. Sorry..
Moderators can remove that thread, if they wish.

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(I don't do windows, so I'm not sure..)

There are two things that stand out...

The scenemanager error is because the system is having trouble reading the required xml config files.
Please make sure that the file exists.
If so, it could be due to the bat and setup files being incorrect. - Please do a forum search regarding this. There are new scripts to download - somewhere.

It may also be part of the second problem....

..That is the setting you have for JAVA_HOME. It's too short. It should be along the lines of C:\wherever\jdk.1.5.0_01 Check your folder location.

Hope it helps. :-)



Joined: 2003-06-10

i finally found the answer in that thread:
looks like release is flawed, simply.