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LG3D 0.62: Tutorial classes have been updated

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Joined: 2003-07-22

I've updated the LG3D Tutorial classes and committed the changes to the dev-0-6-2 branch. Major changes are addition of explanation on simple user defined cursor and thumbnail to Tutorial2 (since it became too short thanks to simplifications we've put in 0.62 ;-)), and incorporation of lots of good texts from Kirk's web version of the Tutorial.

The comments that were added newly have been indicated with a leading "//*** ".

Kirk (gameldar) kindly offered to update the web version of Tutorial reflecting the updates. The plan is to make it available before releasing 0.62 (which would be in two to three weeks).

Kirk, please feel free to fix any bad wording or add any additional explanations to the files. It would be great if you could pay special attention to lines begin with "//***".

Just wanted to keep you folks updated. If you have any suggestions to the Tutorial, please let us know.