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GUI changes for native windows

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Joined: 2003-09-02

As a part of the Event Rewrite, we decided to make a couple of changes to the Scene Manager GUI for native windows.

1. Gestures: Gestures for a native window must be started
by clicking the middle mouse button over its decoration.
Attempts to start a gesture in the interior
(non-decoration part) of a native window will be ignored.

Rationale: we decided to make this change so that
applications could use middle mouse button for their
own purposes.

2. Mouse wheel zoom: The mouse wheel will only zoom a
native window if the cursor is over the decoration.
No zooming will occur if the mouse wheel is moved
while the cursor is in the interior of the native

Rationale: again, we decided to make this change so
that native windows can use the mouse wheel for its
own purposes.

Note: there currently is a bug (293) which crashes the
DS if you try to zoom a native window with the mouse
wheel. But hopefully that will be fixed soon.