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Problems: winxp and debian

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Im trying to run lg3d in my machine.I have two os: xp an debian.First of all my system specs:
Intel Pentium iv 3,0Ghz
Geforce 6600gt 128mb
Windows XP / Debian unstable
RAM 1gb

In windows ive installed everything, and when i run lg3d-dev.bat from a console, appear a window called "Center" with the typical grey color, and the whole system is frozen up.I think this have to be something related with the nvidia drivers and the via chipsets.

In debian i can run lg3d-dev in an exisiting x-session, with kde.All works fine.But, when i try to run lg3d-dev or lg3d-session without a x-session allready created, the system crashed out.
This is a partial copy of /var/log/Xorg.o.log:
"(II) Initializing built-in extension LGE
(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (NVIDIA X driver not found)
(==) : Protocol: "Auto"
(**) Option "CorePointer"
(**) : Core Pointer
(EE) xf86OpenSerial: No Device specified.
(EE) : cannot open input device
(EE) PreInit failed for input device ""
(II) UnloadModule: "mouse"
(EE) No Input driver matching `keyboard'
(WW) No core pointer registered
No core keyboard

Fatal server error:
failed to initialize core devices
I had researched the project web and i found a solution to this.I edited the xfree86config4 file.When i tried to run again, this time the nvidia logo appeared but then the whole system hangs up.

So here are all the problems.I have spent the whole afternoon with this, and the next friday i have an exam of Compilers...Anyway i think this have more fun that study LL(1),LR(k),.. grammars.. :)


PS:sorry for my english,if you find some issues...