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3D File Manager

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Hi eveyrbody
I'm Ivan and well, i was interested in the 3d file manager for looking glass
for the google, here is my wiki page hope it helps, and maybe
the project gets accepted

all comments, critiques , ideas , etc are very welcome :)

Well, it's a very basic and rough idea of how it could be, i'm trying to
keep away from the fully 3d file representation, i remeber using like 6
years ago a 3d file manager for windows, I spent like 15 minutes "walking"
to find a document lol, it's fun at first but gets frustrating very easily.



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Hi Ivan,

I hate to get back to you this late, but...


Looks good. It is rather straight forward translation of today's 2D filemanager, but the design looks clean, which I like. By the way, I got a question -- the screen shots are real? (means you've already implemented the 1st concept version?) I'm just curious...



i got an ideer.. (excuse my bad english)

Remeber back in those old movies, where when you went "online", you put on a pair of glass'es, and you would use your hands to navigate around the web..

Could that somehow be combined with the clean interface we saw one the pictures above.. i think that would be real 3d.. again.. just an ideer..